The Steps If You Want To Learn About Any Framework

It's been along time I ain't post some blowing stuff for filling this hollow blog. You know, I was learning a lot and challenging my self to have good understanding about at least one programming language. Early, I take javascript then after I was finishing that, I move learning php. Because I wanted to have understood about fullstack web development. Either it is about backend or front end. Give me all of that

But one thing interestingly trigered me to deepen in it. That's php has framework that you can modfiy and improve it, so you can make some helping program, like login system including admin and etc.

I got some sub-field that you have to learn them before you take framework to focus on. here these are

1. OOP
I don't know if other progamming language but PHP have OOP structure. But impoertantly you have to learn about OOP before you jump into framework because mostly framework has advanced language programming, you i hope you can really adapt to it by understanding the basic of  OOP

2. MVC
MVC is basically structure that help you to understand ho framework works. So, you will not be confused anymore in producing some

But the most important thing is you have to learn the standard and basic programming. Make  you sure you really understand it
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