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Coding Progression Recap - Day 1

I've spent a lot of time in front of monitor, till my mom asked me, "aren't you tired sit font of computer all the day?". Every nerd computer ever felt this, sometimes, I got anger and warned people to don't disturb me. Or in another case, I just  let people gone by gone,and never thought deeply what people gonna say. This post gonna be areport how far my progress doing code and program. Actually, I have some lecturers and they're supposed to read or listen how much I got in this skill learning. But again, I can't do that because, they're prolly busy with their babies and wife. Who knows. But importantly, I have blog where I can share, eventough nobody notice. So, comment down below, to ensure that I still have loyal reader Back to the topic. Along few days, I learned so much about JS. It looks like I'm so fuddyduddy. But, fuck it, I learned something that's relatable about my field in college, that is Informatic Technique. In college,

My Thought about Hi Tech Conference 2019

I took about one a half hours to be arrived in this place. With my friend, Daru. Before the event take a place. I didn't have any friend who could be interested into this event. Moreover, for coming on this, we need to pay about 500K IDR, and few days before, all my friends need to attend Inagurasi which fund about 450K. So, the possibility I could have friend who;s so loyal and be able to spent their money into this event was so little. But, I frankly choose Daru, because I heard that he didn't join Inagurasi, and he has part-side job about program build. So, I sure I had chance to invite him as my friend to come this event.  And guess what, he wanted. Even, he dared to spare his money so much only for joining this workshop Exactly, so many speaker in this event who could inspire me so much. Start from The Former Founder of Iflix, then some employer from legend superior start-up such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Plus, a mister from IBM who lecture us how important

Dicoding, Microsoft Azure, Cara Dapet Cloud Computing Trial Tanpa Kartu ...

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