Coding Progression Recap - Day 1

I've spent a lot of time in front of monitor, till my mom asked me, "aren't you tired sit font of computer all the day?". Every nerd computer ever felt this, sometimes, I got anger and warned people to don't disturb me. Or in another case, I just  let people gone by gone,and never thought deeply what people gonna say.

This post gonna be areport how far my progress doing code and program. Actually, I have some lecturers and they're supposed to read or listen how much I got in this skill learning. But again, I can't do that because, they're prolly busy with their babies and wife. Who knows. But importantly, I have blog where I can share, eventough nobody notice. So, comment down below, to ensure that I still have loyal reader

Back to the topic. Along few days, I learned so much about JS. It looks like I'm so fuddyduddy. But, fuck it, I learned something that's relatable about my field in college, that is Informatic Technique. In college, my lecturer suggest us to learn and deepen about nodeJS. Which, nodeJS itself has same structure to be understood as the programming language as javascript. So, I search for javascript tutorial which it's easily comprehending such Web Programming UNPAS, and edureka! (sometimes I watch edureka only for some random content, and it's not always about coding).

And it's very effective, very improving my coding skill which before I just had nothing to to do. While I was following the tutorial, idk why, I always had some thoughts to do out of the topic. Such as I should develop some lines of script, and make my own programming, eventough in the end, it was always so goofy and deserve to be trashed. HAhaha, lol, jk

I still have bad habit in studying, that is I often do skimming while I'm reading something, because in my arrogance I thought I knew everything, and that suck, and you ain't supposed to do the same. Study because you want to gulp much knowledge till your thirst of curiousity recovered. Don;t make it as the challenge to show off that you're master in everything, that's very dumb, and can easily make people have high expectation to you. So, dont. Except, you dare to be responsible make them always proud for you, that's kinda really hard and always motive me to do suicide. OMG!

Hahaha, i think it's gone too far, I haven't report anything relates to my study. So, here it is

If you ever studied about Javascript, you certainly know about DOM, and Ive been progressing a lot
I'm just accomplished three of them and still being curious what's gonna happen next. 
Let me summarize what I know so far

Selection, is like you choose what tag in html then you process it in js file and develope everything you want to it

Tree is learning how to know hierarchy  of tag, element and class. I suggest you to know about it first before you jump to learn javascript wider

Manipulation is processing to change, add, and replace something insde html without toucing (read:typing) literal html script. 

That's kinda really sort meaning and definition, but the fact, you would meet some complicated technique. And you have to remember some method you need for building a programm. It's kind of challenging but fun at the same time. And that something make me don't stop coding in everytday. How about you?

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