My Thought about Hi Tech Conference 2019

I took about one a half hours to be arrived in this place. With my friend, Daru. Before the event take a place. I didn't have any friend who could be interested into this event. Moreover, for coming on this, we need to pay about 500K IDR, and few days before, all my friends need to attend Inagurasi which fund about 450K. So, the possibility I could have friend who;s so loyal and be able to spent their money into this event was so little.

But, I frankly choose Daru, because I heard that he didn't join Inagurasi, and he has part-side job about program build. So, I sure I had chance to invite him as my friend to come this event.  And guess what, he wanted. Even, he dared to spare his money so much only for joining this workshop

Exactly, so many speaker in this event who could inspire me so much. Start from The Former Founder of Iflix, then some employer from legend superior start-up such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Plus, a mister from IBM who lecture us how important our data arround this digital realm, was so great and knowledge-satisfying

Talking about The Former of iflix, I think there's a lot funny story of him when he decided to build a streaming platform based on Asia. He begin to invite all of his friend to use, he tried to give trial for the visitors, but it failed, cause they always create new account in many times to get free one month trials (which's it's our habit).

It's kinda funny but motivational at the same time. He told that every enterpreuner need to listen their customer to make a good progression of their business. And look after the data is being an important strategy, moreover if you're hustling in start-up company. You can avoid your process from the data analytic, etc.

Imagine, how could you know what audience like from your movie streaming platform, if there's no data of genre, the title, the country that created the movie from, so we will never know what kind of movie that our audience want. But if there's some analytic data who represents everything, we're knowing all of these category, we have to compare it and search for the same part of those. And that's problem we need to solve.

Beside the stunning speaker we had, we were also given a question, it said

"Will Every Company Will be Tech Company?"

based on how all speakers say and explain, the answere can be yes or no. Why?, because it still determines on what field the industry working on. If you have a chips industry, do you need a computer to produce more chips than a few days before?, of course not. Or it depends on how much you need technology for your company, eventhough your company isn't woking on technology field. Let say, you have chips industry, you know that computer and shits can never produce more chips physicly, but you know to get more chips eater, you have to promote it in social media. So, from that's point you can decide that technology has a big role in industry, whatever product is created

Then I visit a lot of booth. There was, Bizhare, Akseleran, and some printing company. Idk, a lot fo booth and stan gathered to this place and I was sharing and caring about what I thought about them. Try to ask what plus minus of start-up they blew up, in such frank question, but at least I enjoyed it.

I wish I can find some event like this more often and with some better speaker (it doesn't mean all speakers were suck, but I'm just asking for more prestigious speakers), better comitte, better volunteer, and fancy stratup booth. See you in Hi Tech 2020

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