Cara Download Kaggle Dataset Di Google Colab

  Ada kalanya kita ingin sekali download dataset dari Kaggle namun ingin langsung tersedia di dalam Google Drive kita. Namun bagaimana caranya ya? Caranya memang tidak sederhana dan (kalo boleh jujur) sangat rumit dan tricky Namun jika kalian ingin mencobanya, saya akan membagikan caranya dibawah Langkah Langkah Pertama buat notebook dengan Google Colab kalian di Drive Masukkan perintah berikut !pip install opendatasets import opendatasets as od' Perintah tersebut berguna untuk menginstall library opendatasets sekaligus mengimport library tersebut Jika sudah masukkan kode di bawah from google.colab import files files.upload() Colab akan meminta kita untuk memasukkan file, file ini merupakan file json yang berisi key username dan password dari Kaggle cara mendapatkannya adalah dengan Login Kaggle Buka Account Klik Create New API Token Otomatis akan mendownload file json bernama kaggle.json upload file tersebut Masukkan kode dibawah !ls -lha kaggle.json !pip install -q kaggle # insta

I recommend Youtube's Channel for you as a college student

I watch every cool stuff in Youtube such as knowledge, and many funny things inside. But, there are a some Youtube channels that you have to check that out, if you are college student. Instead of scrolling dumb tie line on Instagram or Facebook, you can spend just a little your times to watch something beneficial.

This is very amazing youtube channel that could expalin complication of math in very simple way. I have habit to watch at least one videos that's related to matter in my college before I listen my lecture explain detail of it.

School Of Life
Because I really passionate about what's happening with spectacular people at the time with their mind, I often watch essay video of them in School Of Life. The reasons are they deliver all matters in satisfying visual, and simple explaination.

After I watch some great movies, I'm so frequantly curios abou what was happening on it. Like what would gonna happen if the main role did this, and what happen next in another sequel. Or I just want to figuring out what wisdom we as the viewer could take from the movie. Because, every movie teaching and everything we see has personallly wisdom.

The reason why I watch this channel beacuse I just want to have a little insight of subject that seldom be taught in university or in other formal school. Usuallym I search the subject I want, for example, Philosophy. Them I watch whole videos in specific playlist. It's very satisfying

If your'e searching educational and entertaining videos. Vsauce produces a lot of them. You will be amazed by so many unique theme they  bring on

Web Programming UNPAS
You know me as informatic student, I have to learn alot about programming and alogorithm. And WEb Programming UNPAS helps me a lot. WEB Programming UNPAS has different topic delivery. It talks a lots about programmings stuff, and basically everythin about web developmetn. Whichs, I would make it as my freelance service.

You are student and you have to be updated by so many information and its sources. So, all of those are the most valuable things I can share to you

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