Unplanned & Disguise Reunion

Today is the schedule for every youth guy for presenting a pegajian. I know It sound so sacred and advisory, but no wonder at all it's been our activity since we were littel tiny kid (we can talk further about it in another post)

I went alone by riding my Beat motocycle, the road had quiet smooth traffic. So thankfully It only takes about fourty five minutes to be there.

I met Bro Topik (my senior when I was in Boarding School) and his neighbor Arya. We directly walk to the event room, there Mr Wanda giving some ceramah about our purpose live in this world. I sat and listen eventought I had little bit musing about random thing (fuck me) but here I let you know what I truely listened at least

1. Devoting our self to The Mighty as our preparation to live in hereafter
Means we devote our self and soul to worship and claim there's no god but him. This is the only way for us to be saved in hereafter, meanwhile many people doesn't know what they want to do in life. But, we are guided to worship and be rigtheous about everything

2. Everything is determined by Allah
The reason why the rain comes, the mechanism of sunrise and sunset is decision of Allah. Allah can stop whenever he want, and suddenly all creatures upon and beyond the earth be devastated. Imagine if this happen in our reality. Where will we actually ask and mourn to?

3. Allah as the all-knowing
Allah knows where you will die, Allah knows when you will die, and when the rains will come. So let this be a reason why we should doing good in everything and stop doing maksiah

Well, those are the only thing that come through my mind. Wish it be wisdom for you

Bro Topik were always talking about his friendship  when he was in boarding school, it was triggered by he met his old friend. Eventough he didn't greet them directly but I can feel how warm it was. How we talk and all stories that's so relatable with mine

When pengajian is ove, and I'd been home. I opened my phone, and I saw that Oca (my friend when I was in BS) text me

Oca : Oiii
Oca : ketemu ga nyapa

Then I text back

// : Eh lu tadi ngaji?
// : Lu dimananya emang?
Oca : gua liat lu, waktu lu ngambil selebaran kesanggupan itu

Wait, he saw me on that moment?, damn, that was the situation after I've done taking bathroom and I seek my last position. There were many crowd of girls and boys there, cause everyone mixed up and sat down in one local area.

// : Disitu kan banyak cewek, mana gua liat elu
Oca : iya sih, gua juga dikasih tahu sama Indi
// : gua ketemua sama Indah malah
Oca : Nah, Indah duduk samping gue

Wkwkwkwk. That was so funny, why everything were happening like fucked up coincidence?. I can;t see for another one like this.

// : kenapa ga reunian sekalian coba
Oca :

Then she said much word about our plaing for reunion. Especially, the circle of MTI's Alumny Karawang.

I just said that I'll be ready if everyone ready. I said the truth, not only for lip service, I know that I'm worst at assembling people for the agenda. Morever, people that I have never met since one year a go (I kno it's still short period of time, but I can;t take this risk). Please, get it fella, I ain't people person, I'm not too talkative and I don't have good looking to convince people that this will be a lit occasion

I just need a time ill I sure I can made it. Sound bad right?, I just wish nobody upset.

Honestly, I never expect our pengajian would become old-friend meet-up. But for making it new big occasion. Please wait me till I'm ready

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