Stress Minimizer Tips

The last day is my schedule to do some recitement, basically, it's kinda ngaji and we meet about religious kinds of stuff such as something that we really need for the hereafter, faith comprehension and many things that pass within our life that we need to fix up together. And I found some great things from it, especially when Mr. Heri (my teacher) explain some points on how we recover our distress and depression. I decide to spill this out on to this blog in the order you can take something beneficial

1. View Everything Objectively
Everything happens in our life sometimes out of we can handle. Possibly we just take the thing granted, but when it ran worse, we may not think that it's of ourselves. Otherwise, we should assume that something exists ur of our self affect that situation. Isn't that easy? In best notes, we shouldn't accuse ourselves too deeply till we have mindset that everything is our mistake.

2. We Cannot Live Alone
Me as the selfish guy cannot take this principle in simple thing to take, off course it because I've been used to do everything with my own, I manage everything by my self. But fortunately, I still remember a few times I can still talk and tell a lot to my friends about my issue and problem, and that full-guaranteedly help. At least you share the burden that you suffered for long time, and your friend could listen to that carefully, although they can't give you solution, it's still great to have a good friend to be told about our problem

3. Seek Fit Friend
Especially friend you believe can keep your secret from people. I suggest you to have friend that you know how he was since you both are the kid. Because, you know him grow up, his humor taste, his personality.  I wish when you finally find him, he can always be your side whatever condition you have

4. Asking If You Know Nothing
If you don't have any idea about what things happening on your life, it's okay to ask some help to people around. Basically, the human cannot live alone and human is social creature that they always live depend on other people. Don't be selfish that you know everything cause if you do that, you never know what mistake that you actually did and it could break you inside unconsciously.

5. Believers Are Down To Earth
Believer (here mean people that fanatic on their belief or theism) always think that he's not superior, they always assume that always be a sky above sky, there's always be the more superior above the superior.  It also makes them be motivated to path disadvantage that they have and becoming better and better as days pass

6. Black And White Thinking
This is a term to explain people that have mindset to judge failure equals failure, succeed equals succeed extremely. It means they think that their life is ruined if they coannot be successful as their plan. It's totally wrong because we know that future is unconstantly happen and easily changes as time flies

7. On The Conclusion
You always make a conclusion based on how you see the moment without thinking about the actual truth of cause. When you saw your friend didn't greet you, you directly thought that he hates you.

I sure if we set our mind goals as it is above, we can run our lives in the best way of thinking, realizing, and erasing all burdens that hold our productivity. I was the victim of distress and depression and it can be erased slowly cause I know everything that happens to our life sometimes out of things we can't handle on. I wish you are the same or even better than me

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