Journey To Become Fullstack Developer

fter last three year, I finally understand what my passion will become, and where to express more than I code scrawl things in code editor. In Junior Highschool I only know how fun arrange some algorithm that I never knew wheter is't useful or not, instead I just keep doing practice it with my friend, Mas Miftah and let them correct it if it got wrong.

If you think that I supposed to have good capability in algorithm because I;ve learned so far before everyone did, you're wrong, because when I've joined in Vocational Highschool, I have less learning. My soul had been sacrficed for sabililah and doing every jobs related with my pondok pesatren stuff.

Or It might I was lazy to be improved? Who knows? But fortunately God guide me to still learn so much things that useful to share and care my thought in organization. I have much frequent moment which's I have to teach in many times, and doing discussion every week. Eventough for now, I realized All of those were gross (because, absolutely I don't know what I was talking about), but it is still totally fine, I was hard woriking to find who truely my self, though. What I have to worry about?

Now, I've been in college, adn got so many friends with different capabilty and their experience in various priviileged. There're some of them born from rich family, simple familiy, and also a couple of teen like me who join up college because they wanted to be together in same major, ignoring what talent they actually have (or patheticly, they don't have any). Me, with everything that God gifted, I thank, I hard working to be humble. I have so many problem-solving while I'm stucked, one of them is I have solution where I have to express my skill from.

And that is I let my self becoming FullStack Developer

What1?, But it takes so many years!. You can't get reach that point!

Wait, you can't stop me by making that statement. I realized that it will be my endless journey to become what I want. I'm brave enough to never stop learning.

There are many steps. And I have footed right at the first pave. I'm now learning about Javascirpt, because I think it's something that my college stuudy still discuss about, so I don't need to worry if suddenly there is homework strike me. Well, I sure my startegy set up work properly in this case.

I always routine my self to code everyday, at least one course video on youtube and create at least one script each day. This is so slow, but it provenly makes progress. at least, it is always happening when I'm lazy to do something, but when I'm suddeny hustle and being in good mood, I can code like I'm crazy, from 7:AM to 7:PM

If you asking me what makes you motivate to do all of these, I will answere, I want to start start-up company, working in unicorn, working in Google or Facebook, and live in Sillicon Valley. this is every programmer's dream. I warn you to don't search all of them or you intrigue deciding to be like me and starting to be nerd. What a big feeling

I live in limitation and limit privileged., I touched the internet when I was 9 years old with my Java oriented phone, the laptop I use to write these scrawls is Acer with Intel Core i3 and 2GB RAM. But I still thank it by using it in right points and activity. But, with all limitation I have I sure that it boost me to get out from my comfort zone instead people who have in safe zone by much privileges and forgeting what they gonna be in near future. 

I have what don't people have. I have a dream, I'm literally sleeping right now
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