Cara Download Kaggle Dataset Di Google Colab

  Ada kalanya kita ingin sekali download dataset dari Kaggle namun ingin langsung tersedia di dalam Google Drive kita. Namun bagaimana caranya ya? Caranya memang tidak sederhana dan (kalo boleh jujur) sangat rumit dan tricky Namun jika kalian ingin mencobanya, saya akan membagikan caranya dibawah Langkah Langkah Pertama buat notebook dengan Google Colab kalian di Drive Masukkan perintah berikut !pip install opendatasets import opendatasets as od' Perintah tersebut berguna untuk menginstall library opendatasets sekaligus mengimport library tersebut Jika sudah masukkan kode di bawah from google.colab import files files.upload() Colab akan meminta kita untuk memasukkan file, file ini merupakan file json yang berisi key username dan password dari Kaggle cara mendapatkannya adalah dengan Login Kaggle Buka Account Klik Create New API Token Otomatis akan mendownload file json bernama kaggle.json upload file tersebut Masukkan kode dibawah !ls -lha kaggle.json !pip install -q kaggle # insta

'Mental Health Essay' Should Be

Treating mental health as goo as well is our responsibility. Sometimes, we expect something too high till we never realize that our reality is never so good as it seems. For most people, treating mental health is just sharing everything about themself, but it is actually a hard thing to do. the reason is we are so inconfident to tell and knowing people would listen to us. We also have to know which people who really understand our inner problem. It could be our family, our relative, or barely our best friend. It's really hard to find a person who wants to stay with us whatever the condition we through, so we have to be selective choosing someone we friend, also have to share out private space carefully

Those are some steps on how we treat our mental health. But for people who are diagnosed in mental illness, they need to share everything that's in their mind, and people need to listen them well. People need to agree however dark their opinion is. Mental illness patient need strong agreement of what they mean living in this world. Don't ever preach on something, because it just makes he's in wrong feeling

I never know a lot abou mental health, bit so far i know from my environment. Spiritiualism is one of the keys. 


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