San Junipero is The Best Episode of Black Mirror Anthology - Spoiler Alert

Lately, i watched Black Mirror. I know, i'm so fuckin out-dated to tell this to everyone, but the impression after i watch it cannot still my mouth for sharing how mind-blown it is.

I thought Kimi No Nawa had been the best sci-fi romantic drama of the century. But, it's totally changed after i finally feel San Junipero as the movie that give perspective not only how technology controlling entire of our life (especially, when you getting older) but it's also perspective about diversity of sexual orientation

The story is sort of Yorkie who  fall in love with bisexual Kenny, but that relationship happen to them when they live in the simulation machine for the elder. Yes. actually, Yorkie and Kenny is elder in actual reality but they purposely spent much nostalgic time in the machine

Maybe this is the movie that give me emphaty for knowing lesbian as the people who's struggling something inside of their self. Like how they fell in love in their alternative reality instead living in actual one just because they have diffrent sexual orientation. And it makes us as the audience having bitter feeling and pity to our world that cannot accept them (eventough, it's morally wrong)

And there're much questions that still stick on me, about what happens to Yorkie till the end. And that's answered when I watched Explaination Video on Youtube. For instance, The reason Yorkie had old appearance, it ain't because she literally nerd or just chick  that stay only on her mama basement, but it's of their death when she was 21, automaticallly she never know how to dress like the edgy girl at that era

Something that i didn't expect when i watch even the first scene of this movie, is Yorkie. I never expect that she's the gal who having more complicated issue of her sexuality.Firstly my mind came to Kelly. Because she is the girl who invite to do intercourse as the lesbian does. And Kelly just the girl who realize she is bisexual after her husband left

San Junipero is the best episode of Black Mirror, because it brought romance in best satire way, without removing Blak Mirror-ness that  well-known as the authenticity. And there're much values for us, making us know and understand how unfortune people that's abnormal in our society. It doesn't only relate for LGBTQ people, but also everyone who struggling something that people may not understand.

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